What is included in the tours?
Everything from the food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, our suggestions for Prague itineraries to our map with foodie spots to visit.

What is the difference between the food tours?
Both tours present Czech cuisine, each one is held in a different part of town. Scrumptious Food Tour is held in a calmer residential area whilst the Delicious Food Tour is held in the Old Town of Prague. The Scrumptious Food Tour explores the newest restaurants and trendy foodie spots in town whilst the Delicious Food Tour takes the guests to the old local favourites. Both tours are food and culture oriented.

How much do we eat?
A lot! We recommend to skip the main meal before the tour starts.

Can vegetarians do the tours?
Of course, everybody is welcome. We will customize the tour for you.

What languages do we run the tours in?
In English and Spanish.

How to book a tour with us?
All you need is an internet access and your credit card. After receiving your inquiry we offer availability we have during the requested period. If one of the dates offered is suitable, we send out all the info about the tour and a confirmation after receiving the deposit. Please start with filling out the form below. 

What is our cancellation policy?
We will fully refund your deposit in case you cancel at least two weeks before the scheduled tour.

If our group is larger than 10 persons, can we do the tour?
Of course, we will arrange a special tour for you.